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Our work is based on long and varied experience in both domestic and international industry.

Our industrial services mainly consist of insulation and sheet metal work on new construction sites.

We provide insulation solutions for pipelines, equipment and tanks, from the planning stage to the finished product. We use our own scaffolding to speed up and facilitate our work. We utilise a highly customised project tracking software which helps us efficiently monitor and report on the progress of the work to the customer.

Safety-, quality- and environmental responsibilities are carefully defined.

At PEPT Oy Ab the personnel have been trained to adopt the right attitude to quality-, environmental- and occupational safety work, when working together with the company’s own or subcontracting companies’ personnel and with customers.

At PEPT Oy Ab it is considered important that the management with its own attitude and values is encouraging all the different levels of the organisation to act on the basis of the organisation’s common quality-, environmental- and OSH aspects.


Effective occupational safety–, environmental– and quality systems guarantee an environmentally–friendly and safe way to work.


Compliance with the OHSAS 18001 Standard is part of our everyday operations. We focus strongly on OSH activities.


Quality of our operations is ensured by operating in accordance with our ISO 9001 Quality Certificate. Every site is audited internally every year.