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"Keeping the promises"

Maintpartner provides in Kokkola, among other things, machinery maintenance, electric automation and building maintenance services. The industrial maintenance services employ about 150 people.

The Construction Manager, Mr. Petri Hautamäki, has been working together with PEPT for many years.

“PEPT as a company, as well as their new scaffolding concept, have proved to be very reliable partners. They can also provide us with insulation and sheet metal working services.”

“A good cooperation also requires a person who is easy to deal with. Mr. Jari Enlund has been representing PEPT with us, and every promise has been kept.”

Joint venture construction sites
also outside of Kokkola

In Kokkola all the scaffolding built by PEPT is being inspected by Maintpartner. The number of these scaffoldings is several hundred every year. Maintpartner, in turn, has the option to order materials from PEPT for its own insulation and sheet metal working projects.

“PEPT keeps the promises on the agreed time schedules. Because I am busy, I am pleased to know that things get done, and I do not have to check afterwards.”

Maintpartner and PEPT have their joint venture construction sites also outside of Kokkola.

“Scaffolding inspections could be carried out also for example in Pietarsaari during shutdowns, because Maintpartner’s workers will be available there in any case. Cooperation could be increased also in other areas, either Maintpartner or PEPT being the subcontractor”, Mr. Hautamäki suggests.

All the time both companies face requirements concerning occupational safety. Mr. Hautamäki thinks that PEPT can very flexibly meet company specific safety requirements.

“The safety issues will be a great challenge in the future. Every company’s level of occupational safety is defined by the weakest link in the chain. It is very important that every single employee is able to assimilate and understand the safety requirements.”