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Award–winning quality

In 2012, PEPT Oy Ab handled close to 10 different power plant or other industrial large tank maintenance shutdowns. The feedback has been excellent.

What particularly has been valued is the ability to stay on schedule and to react to the changing needs of the customers (contractors and sub–contractors).

Alholmens Kraft power plant

Alholmens Kraft awarded PEPT the maintenance shutdown contract work:

“The contractor has shown good cooperation skills and service minded attitude when dealing with the customer and the other suppliers. The work has been accomplished according to the agreed time schedules. The principal’s active approach can be seen positively in the outcome. The contractor has improved the durability and usability of the products (insulation and scaffolding) – without forgetting occupational safety and health.”

160 tons of scaffolding was used and close to 100 men were working for a period of two weeks.

Seinäjoen voimalaitos (The Seinäjoki power plant)

PEPT Oy Ab was awarded by Seinäjoen voimalaitos “The Contractor of the Year” for 2012:

“The work was carried out very well, fast and safely, according to plans. This was the first time when a risk assessment was carried out at our plant and we were pleased to get new ideas for the future. The materials used in scaffolding were of good quality and functional. Both the installers and the management had the right attitude”.

“Thanks to all those who were involved.”