Saimaa Group Oy has purchased the Pept Oy Ab group

Pept Oy Ab’s owners and Saimaa Group Oy have completed a corporate acquisition resulting in all of Pept Oy Ab’s group companies becoming part of Finland’s largest industrial insulation and scaffolding group, Saimaa Group. In connection with the purchase, Saimaa Group also purchased JE Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy and JE Help AB, both of which provide recruitment agency services in Saimaa Group’s industry in Finland and Sweden respectively.

“The merger implements our group strategy excellently. As a result of the merger, Saimaa Group will receive strong, local competence in projects and maintenance in the Kokkola, Pietarsaari and Kainuu areas, along with more professional staff to carry out our customers’ demanding maintenance stoppages. Pept Oy Ab’s market knowledge, business competence, professional and local staff, and business units in Sweden offer us the direct opportunity to expand and develop our entire range of services in Sweden using all of Saimaa Group’s resources. The merger also further strengthens our resources and competence in developing site management systems and in collaborating with customers to further improve safety and quality assurance at our work sites,” says Saimaa Group Oy’s CEO Keijo Pylkkänen.

“I’m happy that Pept Oy Ab found a Finnish buyer, and the future looks bright. I would like to thank customers for their collaboration over the last 29 years,” says Juha Enlund, Chair of Pept Oy Ab’s Board.

In connection with the merger, Juha Enlund will retire and Jari Enlund will take over as director of Pept Oy’s business operations.

More information is available from:
Keijo Pylkkänen tel. +35840 356 5095
Juha Enlund tel. +358 400 665 392
Jari Enlund tel. +358 50 523 6939

Saimaa Group is Finland’s largest industrial insulation and scaffolding group. Its subsidiaries include Saimaan Eristys Oy, Arme Oy, Kymsol Oy, Pept Oy Ab, and JE Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy and its subsidiaries. The combined turnover of the group’s companies for 2021 is approximately 100 million euros. The group employs approximately 1100 people.